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The Butterfly
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The Butterfly (slip jig) is also known as Barney’s Goat, The Bug, The Butterfly Gig, Eitil Im, Fiona, Im Ag Eitilt, Kick The Peeler, The Red Admiral Butterfly, The Red Monarch Butterfly.

Morrison’s (jig) is also known as Cry Of The Celtic, Jim Morrison’s, Maurice Carmondy’s Favorite, Maurice Carmondy’s Favourite, Morrison’s Aaron, Morrison’s No. 1, Paddy Stack’s Fancy, Port Ui Mhuirgheasa, Stick Across The Hob, The Stick Across The Hob, Tom Carmondy’s Favorite.

Hit The Bricks... by Waking Maggie

  1. The Butterfly
  2. Drowsy Maggie
  3. Morrison’s

Living Hands by Sheena

  1. Morrison’s
  2. The Butterfly
  3. Give Us A Drink Of Water

The Devils Of Dublin by Celtic Music Society (East Rochester HS)

  1. Morrison’s
  2. The Butterfly