Ten recordings of The Bridal

Also known as The Bridal, Clancy’s Favourite, The Humours Of Quarry Cross, Jackson’s Wife At The Road, Jackson’s Wife To The Road, Kennedy’s Bridal, The Leinster Lasses, McPaddin’s Favorite, The Priest’s Leap, Quarry Cross.

This tune has been recorded together with The Handsome Young Maidens (a few times), The Lark In The Morning (a few times), The Blackthorn Stick, The Geese In The Bog, The Lancer’s, The Lancers, Off She Goes, Rory O’More, The Swallow’s Nest, Up Leitrim, The Wheels Of The World.

  1. Farewell To Ireland CD 3 (Of A Box Set Of 4) by Various Artists
  2. Into The West by Leaping Lulu
  3. Oldtime Records Vol 2 (U.S. Recordings) by Various Artists
  4. One Out Of The Fort by Johnny Henry
  5. Over the Bog Road by Patsy Moloney & John Regan
  6. Sol y Sombra by Señor Cabrales
  7. Steam by John Williams
  8. The Rambling Irishman: Country Music Of West Clare by Paddy Breen
  9. The Westmeath Hunt by William Mullaly
  10. Turas Ceoil by Marcas Ó Murchú