Mogi Laddyr reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mogi Laddyr
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
d>efd gfge|defd gecA|defe/d/ gfga|geAc d2d2|
d>efd gfge|defd gecA|defe/d/ gfga|geAc d2df/g/|
|:a>baf gage|fgfd gedc|defd gfge|
defd gecA|def/e/f/d/ gfga|geAc d2df/g/:|
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Mogi Laddyr

very strange name, the literal translation from welsh is;
mogi;- suffocate
Lladd:- to kill/cut.
Is this the Root of Motorhead’s -.. ‘killed by death’ ?
A bit grim, but maybe together it means something completely different, ‘the sum of the parts…..’ and all that. Usually played after Ffidl Ffadl (played in Key ‘D’ ). it becomes the fiddles equivelant of a tongue twister….a Ffidl twister.

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Thanks for posting this…

Used to play this in the early eighties in N.Wales, like you say always after Ffidl Ffadl. The key seems to have changed though - we always played it in G. I was in Sidmouth this year, and FF was played in a session, and NOT followed by Mogi Laddyr ( a name I never knew…) The disappointment was tunbearable! By the way, Abram Wood - of Teulu Abram Wood? That’s a name I haven’t heard for many a year!

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That should be ‘unbearable’ or just possibly ‘t’unbearable’, before I get pulled up. Either way, its indicative of too many years in Yorkshire…

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No relation.

No relation,… as far as i know. Playing both in ‘G’ is a much more mellow sounding experience, i’d heard it in D so assumed that was it, thanks for the blinker removal. Maybe mogi is just that,…. a cat ?

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