Sleep Soond Ida Mornin’ reel

Also known as Codladh Sámh Sa Maidin, Da Gutters O’ Skeld, Da Sleep Soond Ida Moarnin’, Sleep Doons Ida Moarnin, Sleep Soon Ida Mornin, Sleep Soond I’ Da Moarnin, Sleep Soond I’da Moarnin, Sleep Soond Ida Moarnin, Sleep Soond Ida Moarnin’, Sleep Soond Ida Mornin, Sleep Soond Ida Morning, Sleep Soond In Da Moarnin’, Sleep Soond In Da Mornin, Sleep Soond In Da Morning, Sleep Sound I‘da Mornin’, Sleep Sound Ida Moarnin, Sleep Sound In Da Morning, Sleep Sound In The Morning.

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Twenty-two comments

Good Beginner Piece.

I learned this number as a four part tune but I believe it to be a simple AB tune. I put this on my first recording project and I was ever so proud of it. Do you ever go back to those old recordings? They make your hair stand up on end and face twists in pain.

They say you are your own worst critic. I am sure you all could find something pretty awful to say about my playing back then. 🙂

I believe this piece is Irish. If I’m wrong - well - try it anyway.

the second two parts are well known as a shetland reel of that name. never seen the others tho

sorry meant the second and thrid part

The A part sounds a bit like Grumbling Old Man and Woman.

The original tune - Sleep Soond i da Moarnin, as the say in Shetland - is the 1st and 2nd parts, but they are usually played the other way round. Does anyone know where the other parts came from? This is one of a number of Shetland reels which are starting to crop up in sessions in Ireland.

Sleep soond ida mornin.

Aren’t the extra bits the Ali bain variations?
Noel Jackson
Angels of the North

Sleep Soond Da Morn’

Does anyone know weho composed this tune?

Sleep Soond….

As Frankie Gavin might say, it’s “fierce traditional”.

Da Sleep Soond Ida Moarnin’

Obviously, the version posted here is fairly unusual one that we would never come across in any session or recording. I believe what I play is close to the standard setting.

K: Ador
Aaag a2ef|gedB GABG|Aaag a2ef|1 gedB A3G:|2 gedB A3B||
cAeA cAeA|BcdB G3B|cAeA cAeA|BAGB A3B|
cAeA cAeA|BcdB G3B|ABcd efga|gedB BAAG||

As the Gravel Walks like ending suggests, this is not so easy on the flute. But sounds very cool anyway, and nice practice for the arpeggio.

equally fine, and brighter, in A mixolydian.


Here’s a version with the chords added:

|E|:“Am”Aaa^g a2ef|“G”gedB GABG|“Am”Aaa^g a2ef|[1 “G”gedB “Am”A2zE :|[2 “G”gedB “Am”A2AB|]
|:“Am”cAeA cAeA|“G”BcdB G2AB|“Am”cAeA cAeA|“G”BAGB “Am”A2AB|
“Am”cAeA cAeA|“G”BcdB G2GB|“F”ABcd efga|[1“G”gedB “Am”A2AB :|[2“G”gedB “Am”A4]

Sleep Soond Ida Mornin’, X:6

An arrangement by Ellery Klein. A Shetland tune.

In terms of key, it sort of bridges a gap between A Aeolian and what we’d call A minor (raising the 7th a half step for a harmonic minor scale). A very interesting effect!

Re: Sleep Soond Ida Mornin’

The tune is in A dorian, the raised note is the 6th, not the 7th.

Re: Sleep Soond Ida Mornin’

The seventh is also sometimes sharp, jeff, as in the G# between the high As in the first bar (as in the sixth setting by greatauk).
Also, on the famous “The Silver Bow” recording, I think Tom Anderson plays a C# in the scale run up near the end which, admittedly, I’ve never knowingly heard anyone else do, but it’s quite a Shetland thing to blur the lines between major and minor.

Re: Sleep Soond Ida Mornin’

Anybody hit me up with all the four parts as played in the Shetlands? Does Ali Bain play the four parts??