Seven recordings of a tune named
Jock Brown’s 70th

Also known as Jock Broon’s 70th, Jock Broon’s 70th Birthday, Jock Broon’s70th.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Miracle At Glencoe Mills (a few times), Superfly (a few times), The Dirty Bee, Finbar Dwyer’s Favorite, The Funny Whistle, Last Night’s Fun, To The Edges, Wine Shower.

  1. As She Does by Meredith Rachel
  2. Five by Còig
  3. It’s Complicated by Horizontal Sunday
  4. Last Night’s Fun by Chrissy Crowley
  5. Partners In Crime by Ross Ainslie And Jarlath Henderson
  6. Strong Bow by Kierah
  7. Turns by Rachel Davis