Bubbling Wine reel

By Paddy O’Brien

Also known as The Bubbling Wine.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Bubbling Wine
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
|:BE~E2 d2^cd|BE~E2 ADFA|GBEF GABd|g2fg edBA|
B=cBA GBdB|A2^GB ADFA|BE~E2 GBe^c|dBA=c BE~E2:|
|:Be~e2 gebe|Ad~d2 fdad|Beed efge|fgaf gfef|
g2fg edB^c|defe dBA=c|BE~E2 GBe^c|dBA=c BE~E2:|
X: 2
T: Bubbling Wine
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Edor
A|:BE~E2 d2cd|BE~E2 ADFA|GBEF GBef|g2fg edBA|
c|:Be~e2 gebe|Ad~d2 fdad|Beed efge|fgaf geef|
g2fg edBc|d2fe dBAF|BE~E2 GBec|dBAd BE E:|

Eighteen comments

The Bubbling Wine

I believe this is another of Tipperary box player Paddy O’Brien’s well-crafted compositions. I remember hearing it played in Leeds occasionally. It’s a shame I left the place before learning it and have forgotten about it for long. Thanks a lot for reminding me.

The Bubbling Wine

Daimh play it as a slow reel, would that be the way you know it slainte?

Nope, nobody plays “slow reels” there. They just play all the reels nice and slowly in a distinct style. And I’m pretty sure they have never heard of the band. Many of Paddy O’Brien’s compositions have been popularised in Leeds and this is just one of them.

nobody plays “slow reels” there. They just play all the reels nice and slowly. Eh?

Nice clip but what’s it got to do with this tune?

Obviously it’s nothing to do with the tune, but hope you’ve got an idea of how it’s played.

Well, ask a couple of friendly questions and I get a couple of pretentious and arrogant answers. On you go yourself slainte.

No, seriously I didn’t mean it. I’m willing to apologize if my comments sound arrogant.

Now please let me sleep first. It’s almost half past three in the morning here.

Ok, sorry for the misunderstanding. I did enjoy that clip. Thanks.

“I’m willing to apologize”

I think The Sun used that phrase recently. 🙂

The Bubbling Wine

Lovely playing on that clip, Slainte.
Should be heard by all those who slag the banjo and play at high speeds.

Sorry to be back here. I was really busy today.

conscientious objector, I now admit my comments sound a little abrupt and impolite. It seems I was trying to be friendly in a wrong way…. Anyway, we both like this tune, right? And I believe we both agree that the tune shouldn’t be played too fast. I’d love to listen to Daimh play it.

No Cause For Alarm, did they apologize for excessive nudity?

murfbox, the banjo player is Jody Moran, a great musician and singer from around Leeds. He’s been a tutor in Miltown for years, I heard. And the piano accordion player is Michael Tennyson, who has an enormous stock of both old and new tunes, including some obscure compositions by Paddy O’Brien. I think I heard him play this particular tune a few times and it might be he who introduced it to other musicians in Leeds.

Edgar Bolton, thanks again for posting this tune. It brings back lovely memories.

The Bubbling Wine

Here’s a mighty rendition of the tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46PJbDip2xQ

Incidentally, the fiddler is from my country, but I don’t think I’ve met her before in Ireland or Tokyo. If I had, I could instantly recognise her: I’ve never seen anyone playing Irish tunes on the fiddle like that.

Now it’s time I learnt the tune.

The Bubbling Wine

Thanks for that slainte, very nice playing.

The Bubbling Wine, X:2

I got this Version from the playing of Iontach. It’s pretty close to what I found in “The Compsitions Of Paddy O’Brien”.