News Of The Victory jig

Also known as Jolly Tars Of The Victory, The News Of The Victory, Tars Of The Victory, The Tars Of The Victory, Tars Of Victory, Weeping Willow Tree, The Weeping Willow Tree, Willow Tree.

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The Willow Tree

This is a tune a recalling playing for the English Country dance of that name. The tune’s name may be different. Anyone know another name for this tune?

News of the Victory

I’ve played this tune for a while. I pair it with News from Portugal which starts the set. I imagine these tunes were made for those elegant Officers’ Ball’s of the early eighteenth century celebrating the military exploits of Nelson and Wellington. The women in elegant, empire line, Jane Austen dresses and the men resplendent in uniform! You probably have the same book of tunes I got them from. Cheers, Gemtrimmer

The dance

The dance that I played this for seemed more like the kind of dance that would have been done at Fezziwig’s Christmas party - youthful Scrooge’s employer… ie not really a high-brow kind of thing, but then that’s just my imagining.

News of the Victory

I pair this with “St. George’s Day” - a tune so thoroughly English that I would hesitate to post it here as I might get a telling off.

Sponge Bob’s Jig

I Hope one you folks check’s out the jig I posted as Sponge Bob’s. It is the tune that I used to play with this tune for Willow Tree. I’d like to give it a real name.

this tune was recorded on Oysterband’s first ever album ‘Jacks Alive’ c.1980 [vinyl] - if anyone can ever track down a copy!