Colonel MacLean Of Ardgour march

By John McLellan

Also known as Col MacLean, Col. MacLean Of Ardgour, Colonel MacLean Of Ardgour’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Colonel MacLean Of Ardgour
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|:A>d|f3g a>fe<f|A>Bd>e f2a>f|e2A>B c2e>f|g2f>d f>ec<A|
f<ad<f A>AA>d|B<dA>d f<ag>e|c2A>c c<ae>f|d4 d2:|
|:f>g|a2f>d A>AA>B|A>Bd>e f<ad<f|e2A>d c<eA>e|g>fe>d f>ec<A|
a2f>d A>AA>d|B<dA>d f<ag>e|c2A>c c<ae>f|d4 d2:|
|:f>e|d<AB<d f>ga>g|f>dA>d f<ad<f|e>cA>c A>ce>f|g2f>d f>ec<A|
B<dA>d f>ga>f|f>dA>d f<ag>f|c2A>c c<ae>f|d4 d2:|
|:f>g|a>fd<f A>AA>d|f<ad<f A>fd<f|g>ec<e A>ce>f|g>fe>d f>ec<A|
a>fd<f A>AA>d|B<dA>d f<ag>e|c2A>c c<ae>f|d4 d2:|

Fourteen comments

P/M John MacLellan…

of Dunoon I believe was the composer. He wrote many of the best pipe marches (which this tune is, not a polka). Are marches so uncommon in ITM that it’s not a tune option on this site?

Unfortunately, because marches come in all shapes and sizes in terms of metre, Jeremy decided to leave them out.

2/4 ~ 3/4 ~ 4/4 ~ 6/8 ~ 9/8 ~ and beyond ~ and even some mixed meter tunes…

It helps if ‘march’ is included in some form in the alternate titles. Then if you do a search for just ‘march’, try it, you’ll get a slew of them showing that have already been tagged that way, or where it already exists in the title… Marches, great fun…

Ah, I see…

and it also seems that none of the tune types make the 1/16th (semiquaver) the default note value either. And maybe I mis-clicked or maybe somebody changed it but when I looked just now the tune was listed as strathspey which is incorrect. I thought I clicked hornpipe to keep the 2/4 time signature. Since I can’t have marches or semiquavers I guess I’ll call the tune a hornpipe.

Colonel MacLean Of Ardgour

Where did you get it, malcolm?


I don’t recall where I got it, actually. I had it in my bottomless pit of BMW files. I think I may have checked it against how it’s played by Iain MacDonald and Angus MacKenzie.


I’m sure the reasonable readers follow my meaning but for the typo-trolls, above I meant I originally posted it as a polka for 2/4 then opted for hornpipe. I didn’t want to bother halving every note.

I’m so used to be able to going back and editing my typos on other forums.

You are not along. You can still edit the ABCs, but here, once the dots are made, that’s it, for now anyway.

On meter, you won’t be able to make 2/4 in hornpipes, which are set at 4/4, so 2/4 marches are generally put under polkas. However, to reduce the amount of black multiple flags make, how it usually shows under 2/4, I tend to go for the lighter option and notate dense 2/4 marches as 4/4, usually under ‘barndance’, as marches and those forms share similar dances. Doing that you eliminate the problem of semi-quavers/sixteenth-notes as they then become quavers/eighth ~ also, in my opinion, making it a hell of a lot easier to read.

Damn speed typing ~ "You are not alone!" (not ‘along’) 😏

Another great march…

Re: Colonel MacLean Of Ardgour


I am new to the session and have been learning the accordion about a year ago.
Can anyone let me know where i can find the score with all the chords for this piece of music?
Noted that K: Amix is mentioned on ABC but i don’t think i can work it out being a newbie.

Many thanks in advance.

Re: Colonel MacLean Of Ardgour

I can’t tell you where to find chords but this tune is in D major not A mix.