Thirty-one recordings of a tune named
The Butcher’s Fancy

Also known as The Bogs Of Allen, The Boy Of Clones, Boys Of Clones, The Boys Of Clones, Butcher’s, The Butcher’s March, The Butcher’s, The Butchers’ March.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with The Mug Of Brown Ale (a few times), Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part (a few times), The Castlebar Races (a few times), Contentment Is Wealth (a few times), The Lilting Banshee (a few times), Saddle The Pony (a few times), Angus Chisholm’s, The Blue Idol, The Bride’s Favourite, The Broken Lantern, The Connaughtman’s Rambles, Donnybrook Fair, The Killavil, Kit O’Mahoney’s, Kitty’s Rambles, The Nightingale, North Clare, O’Flynn’s, Old Man Dillon, Paddy O’Rafferty, Paddy’s Trip To Scotland, Paidin O Raifeartaigh, The Price Of My Pig, The Queen Of The Rushes, Sean Bui, Sixpenny Money, Strike The Gay Harp, Wallop The Potlid, When The Cock Crows It Is Day.

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