40 Year waltz

By Brian Finnegan

Also known as The 40 Year, Forty Year.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: 40 Year
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
E2F2GD|A2B2dG|e4- ec|g2e2- (3edB|d2B2BG|d2c2B2|
A2B2eg|d2A2AG|AG E3E|A2B3E|A2B3G|
d2B2A2|G3A ED|G2A2B2|A6-|1 A3F GF:|2 d2e2ge||
a4ab|a2g2e2|g3e ga|g2e2cB|cBg3B|BAf2ad-|
d4dB|deg2ea-|a4ab|a2g2b2|ge- e4|e2d2cB|
cB- B2 (3BAG|d2c2B2|BA- A4|c2B2G2|E6-|E6||
X: 2
T: 40 Year
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:E2 F2 GD|A2 B2 d2|e4 ec|g2 e2 (3edB|
d2 B2 G2|dd B2 A2|A2 B2 e2|d2 A2 AG|
AG E3 E|A2 B2 BE|A2 B3 G|dd B2 A2|
G3 A ED|G2 A2 B2|1 A6-|A3 FG F:|2 A6|d2 e2 ge||
a4 ab|a2 g2 B2|g3 e ga|g2 e2 cB|
cB g3 B|BA f2 ad-|d4 dB|de g2 ea-|
a4 ab|a2 g2 b2|{g}e6|e2 d2 cB|
cB- B2 BG|d2 c2 B2|BA- A4|c2 B2 G2||

Nine comments

Brian Finnegan Waltz

Learn this tune of a mp3 posted on Brian’s myspace page. It’s in a set with a cracker of a reel called Night Ride to Armagh. Apparently it’s part of a recording in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Armagh Piper’s Club. Rumor has it that Brian has a new recording due out some time in November!

For the purists, on the recording Brian has a few different ways of playing the sixth measure. The first time through he plays |d2B2A2|. the third time its |d2e2B2|. I like the c natural line best.

Another one of Brian Finnegan tunes, I’m assuming.
This one I transcribed from the only track on Brian’s myspace page, played before his likely well-known “Night Ride to Armagh”, here:

I’m not too particular to this version of the reel, perhaps just a bit too experimental to me… but this tune I thought was just gorgeous.

It’s played with swing, but I gave up trying to put it in the ABC’s, as some parts were just a pain in the butt trying to get right.

If anyone has the name and confirmation of who composed it, that would be lovely.

Breda Smyth’s 😉 Not really, just what it will be known for me for the time being

Ah, so that’s what it’s called. Thanks for making me aware….
Jeremy, if you happen to check this, delete this tune, it is a duplication.

Yeah=) But your wersion is written very well of course

Could anybody delete it?

what key whistle does Brian play this on?