La Jolie Bateliere three-two

Also known as The Pretty Boatwoman, Toniou Bale.

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This is played by Christian Lemaitre on the album with Kevin Burke

Objection !!!!!

There were 3 fiddlers in “Celtic Fiddle Festival” - Christian Lemaitre, Kevin Burke and the late Johnny Cunningham[RIP]. Why is Johnny not worthy of a mention, Mr.Cameron? And indeed accompanist John McGann.


Sorry, man, I posted a more detailed comment before that dissappeared. And I posted this second one in haste…my bad…
Will the fact that I transcribed this tune make up for it?


And of course I misspelled Bateliere. I have no excuse as I studied French for 2 years, but I don’t recall learning that word.
I know it is a noun referring to a female person that does something, that is all.

Oh wait it’s fine, I just don’t recognize it without the accent grave

Tune Type

I just realized I can edit all this stuff (ok it’s only my third tune and there was a lot to think about with all the time signature changes….)

So I don’t know if my tune type is appropriate. It’s just that it’s not really any of those options. Is Breton music allowed? a lot of it is in funky time signatures or has extra or missing measures and doesn’t really fall into classification….any takers?

Yes, Breton music is scattered throughout the site. Do a simple search, just entering a form in the title box and leaving everything else blank, for example ~ an dro / en dro / hanter dro ~ laridee / ridee…

Barndances ~ a category for things lacking a specific slot

A number of things find their way under this category, ‘Barndances’, as some mixed meter Balkan tunes have been filed under different categories, including ‘Slip Jigs’, and some tunes similar to your contribution have even been filed under ‘Waltzes’ (3/4) & ‘Three-Twos’, and even ‘Mazurkas’ have picked up the odd orphan here…

“La Jolie Batelière” ~ R: song / air

“Celtic Fiddle Festival: Encore”

track 2: “La Jolie Batelière” / “Rondes de Loudéac”
Christian Lemaître & Soïg Siberil

“La Jolie Batelière” / “The Pretty Boatwoman” ~ is a song which is known in many different versions in the southeast part of Brittany. Thanks to Marie-Noélle le Mapiman who sings it and gave us information.

~ information from the album…


Everytime I try to get a friend to play this, they ask “Are you sure that’s how it’s supposed to go.” and I reply, yes. Don’t get psyched out by this sheet music, once you hear the tune played on the album it will all make sense