Whitestrand Sling reel

Also known as The Whitestrand Sling.

There are 2 recordings of this tune.

Whitestrand Sling has been added to 18 tunebooks.

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Six comments


I took away a flat from both the A and B part. The tune is recorded in Bb Dorian and Db Major. To make it a little more accessible, and to enjoy playing it a little more I transcribed it in F dorian and Ab Major.

B part

Also, The B part has a lot of noise in the recording so I don’t stand by what I have written but it get’s you through to the C part and the last 2 measure’s are more accurate than the first two. Anyone with either of these albums like to make a stab at it?


The recording is actually the key as written. I have another transcriptions with two less flats per part. I will post it soon

Sharon Shannon

Sharon Shannon used this tune in a rap track on her Libertango Album.


To play this tune in Bb and Eb, simply move the version in F and Bb down one string on the fiddle.