The Paris waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Paris
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A,2|"D"B,3C A,2|[A,4F4]A,2|B,CD2D2|[A,4F4]A,2|B,2D3E|F2A2d2|"A"c6|E6|
(3(DFG)|"D"A2d2(3(fga)|a2(3((ba^g) ab)|a3^ga2|[A4f4](3(DFG)|
"D"A2d2(3(fga)|a2(3((ba^g) ab)|"A"a3^ga2|[c4e4]cB|
"A"A2c2(3(efg)|a2(3((ba^g) ab)|a3^ga2|[c4e4]cB|
"A"AB cd ef|g2a2(3(ba^g)|"D"a6|a4(3(DFG)|
"D"A2d2(3(fga)|a2(3((ba^g) ab)|a3^ga2|[A4f4][A2f2]|
"D"[d3f3]e d2|"D7"[=c3e3]d c2|"G"[D6B6]|[D4B4](3(fga)|
"G"b2^a2=c'2|b3a fg|"D"a3g fd|A4fg|"A"a3f ge|f3a ec|"D"d6|d4||

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Paris Waltz

I learned this tune from field recordings I made of Floyd Chilton of Paradise, California circa 1985, when he was in his mid 90’s. A beautiful tune.

Beautiful! It is!

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Thank you

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