The Slow Train jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Slow Train
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
e|:f2B B/c/de|fgf fec|AAA cde|faf gfe|
f2B B/c/de|fgf fec|AAA cde|1 edc Bga:|2 edc dBA||
GGG dAG|ABc eBA|GGG dAG|Aed egf|
GGG dAG|ABc ega|f/g/ff gfg|1 agf gfd:|2 agf gf||

Eleven comments

The Slow Train

composed by Jarlath Henderson
Features on his debut cd with Ross Ainslie.

An interesting tune made to fit the Scottish Pipes range.
The drone sounds "B", not "A" here. With a dip down to that minor 6th.

I know few other tunes using that modal range. I’ll post more later (or more links) when I remember.

Train theme…

It’s interesting to see how some of these ‘train themed’ tunes make use of either jig or reel time depending on the experience…
(enter ‘train’ in the tunes searchbox to see more, they’re worth while!)

…or ‘railway’ etc…

In a funny mode

Stuart Morrison’s famous reel: Maggie’s Pancakes is another example of a Bminor tune that covers the full Scottish Pipe range, using to great effect the lower minor 6th (low G)

A ‘Heart sink sixth’

Pádraigín Ní Uallacháin’ s version of Is Fada an Lá (heard on her CD An Dealg Óir) has a beautiful ‘dip to the minor 6th cadence’ in it.
Apologies for making it sound so ‘technical’. I actually lack the term for it, if there’s one.

‘plagal minor 6th’ perhaps? Anyhow, it’s beautiful!

Perhaps I was too eager to add another ‘plagal minor 6th’ to my list there: I realised that the unusual feature in Fada an Lá (see above) is a ‘plagal dorian 6th cadence’ not an eolian one. And it none the plainer for it.

And here’s another of these tunes,
albeit more tonal then modal, but definitely in the same range;
La Guinguette,
composed by Norbert Pignol


NB: the dots don’t show the ‘dip to the minor 6th’ because the melody is split between the right and left hands on the accordion.