One recording of
Around The World For Sport
Fourpence Ha’penny Farthing

Around The World For Sport (reel) is also known as Conlan’s Dream, Conolon’s Dream, The Cork Lasses, The Little Pig Lamenting The Empty Trough, The Rambler In Cork, Round The World For Sport, Sally On The Shore, The Sporting Boys Of Summer, The Sword In Hand, With Sword In Hand, Wynnie Flynn’s.

Fourpence Ha’penny Farthing (jig) is also known as Fourpence Halfpenny Farthing, The Wild Irishman.

Trip To Harrogate by Canny Fettle

  1. Around The World For Sport
  2. Fourpence Ha’penny Farthing
  3. Trip To The Keys
  4. Seven Stars