The Echoing Strings hornpipe

By Owen Hackett

Also known as Dermot Grogan’s.

The Echoing Strings has been added to 12 tunebooks.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Echoing Strings
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
de|:fAdf Adfd|(3efe ce A2 gd|BG (3Bcd GBdB|AFAd f2 de|
fAdf Adfd|(3efe ce Aegd|BGBd GBdB|1 Acef d2 de:|2 Acef d2 fg||
|:abaf Adfd|BGBd AFAd|B2 ed (3Bcd ed|Beed e2 fg|
abaf Adfd|BGBd AFAd|(3fgf df (3efe ce|1 (3ded (3cde d2 fg:|2 (3ded (3cde d2 AF||
|:Dfda fded|(3BdB GB A2 AF|Dfda fded|Beef e2 AF|
Dfda fded|(3BdB GB A2 ag|fAFA dgec|1 (3ded (3cde d2 AF:|2 (3ded (3cde d2 de||
|:(3fgf (3dBA FAdf|(3efe (3cBA EAce|(3ded (3BAG DGBG|FAde (3fgf de|
(3fgf (3dBA FAdf|(3efe (3cBA EAce|(3ded (3BAG DGBG|1 Acef d2 de:|2 Acef d4||
X: 2
T: The Echoing Strings
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
de|:fAdf Adfd|(3efe ce Acec|d2dB GBdB|AFAd fede|
fAdf Adfd|(3efe ce Acec|d2dB GBdB|1 Acef d2 de:|2 Acec d2 fg||
|:a2af Adfd|(3BBB GB AFAd|B2 ed cdef|Beed e=f^fg|
a2af Adfd|(3BBB GB ABde|fAdf eAce|1 (3ddd ec d2 fg:|2 (3ddd ec dBAF||
|:D2fa fded|B2(3BBB ABAF|D2fa fded|(3BBB ed efAF|
D2fa fded|B2(3BBB ABde|fAdf eAce|1 (3ddd ec d2 AF:|2 (3ddd ec d2 de||
|:f2 (3dBA FAdf|e2 (3cBA EAec|d2dB GBdB|AFAd fede|
f2 (3dBA FAdf|e2 (3cBA EAec|d2dB GBdB|1 Acec d2 de:|2 Acef d4||

Five comments

The Echoing Strings Hornpipe. A Wrong Note

Hi fellow musicians, just like to mention that I put a wrong note in this hornpipe when uploading it to the sessions. The Low ‘C’ in the 2nd bar, should be an ‘A’ in the 2nd space up from the bottom line.
Ta muchly
Owen H.


Only you can correct the ABC

The Echoing Strings © Owen Hackett, X:2

This is a version from the Bumblebees album Buzzin’. They play it in a slightly dotted rhythm which is omitted here for ease of transcription really. The overall feel is a bit less triplety than the original which I like.

Re: The Echoing Strings © Owen Hackett

Yes. I posted the Bumblebees setting 12 years ago, but as a two-part tune. What I thought was just faffing about before the tune started was, in fact, what’s given as the first two parts above. Not many four-part hornpipes about.