Beggar Thomas Pomerleau’s March polka

Also known as La Marche De ‘Quêteux’ Pomerleau, La Marche De Thomas ‘Quetêux’ Pomerleau, Marche De ‘Quêteux’ Pomerleau.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Beggar Thomas Pomerleau's March
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:(3(D/E/F/|G)AFD|(3(E/F/E/) D/^C/ D(3(D/E/F/|G)AGB|
G/A/B/(G/ D)(3(D/E/F/|G)AFD|(3(E/F/E/) D/^C/ D(3(D/E/F/|G)AGB|[G3B3]:|
|:(A/B/|c)cBB|(3(B/c/B/) A/G/ F/G/A/B/|A(3(D/E/F/) GA|(3(B/c/B/) A/G/ A>(B|
c)cBB|(3(B/c/B/) A/G/ F/G/A/B/|A(3(D/E/F/ G)B|1 [G3B3]:|2 G/A/B/(G/ D)|]

Seven comments

Marche De ‘Quêteux’ Pomerleau

I learned this tune at a workshop from from the playing of Laurie Riven at Camp Harmony, in 1996.
Laurie heard it on a record by Les Frères Labri called, “Quand l’vent vire de côte…”

A brief history of the tune can be found here under MARCHE DE QUÊTEUX POMERLEAU:

Laurie plays with her band QuébecQuasi, on cut #11 on the Bay Area Contra Dance Society’s
sampler CD “ Swinging on the Gate”:

Marche De ‘Quêteux’ Pomerleau

It’s actually a march, but I could only get the meter (2/4) I wanted by entering it as a polka.

Marche De ‘Quêteux’ Pomerleau

Oh yeah,
did I mention it’s a really FUN tune to play? It just drips with

Beggar Thomas Pomerleau’s March

The midi playback is a little fast; Q:around 108 works better for dancing.

Definitely a slow march, not a polka

Yes, the midi is very fast compared to the usual tempo we have heard. It is a slow, restrained march when played at most sessions we’ve attended.
Not to be confused with the crooked Marche de Thomas Pomerleau - another great tune.

The soundfile version is better than the score for once: It gives a flavour of what a music in the flesh can do!
‘Quêteux’ is undoubtedly a beggar here, but did you know that there is no French word for ‘busker’? ‘Busking’ is "faire la manche", in French, which translates as ”show or fill one’s sleave’. In other words, begging: not busking!