The Blackberry Bush reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Blackberry Bush
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:de|f2fe dBBA|BddA BAAB|f2fe dBBA|Beef e2de|
f2fe dBBA|BddA BAAB|d2ef edBA|Bdde d2:|
|:de|faaf e2de|fded BAAB|d2ef edBA|Beef e2de|
faaf e2de|fded BAAB|d2ef edBA|Bdde d2:|
|:dB|AAAB ABde|fded BAAB|AAAB ABdA|Beef fedB|
AAAB ABde|fded BAAB|d2ef edBA|Bdde d2:|
de|f2fe faaf|e2fd BAAB|fefa afed|Beef fede|
f2fe faaf|e2fd BAAB|d2ef edBA|Bdde d2de|
f2fe faaf|e2fd BAAB|fefa afed|Beef fede|
f2fa e2ef|d2dA BAAB|d2ef edBA|Bdde d2||

Two comments

Parts 3 & 4 by P/M Donald MacLeod MBE. Repeats per The Tannahill Weavers on their eponymous album.

Played by “Ceolbeg”….

…in 2002, at their farewell concert, featuring many past members of the band [ including meself ]. Peter Boond, who makes the introduction and plays whistle, tragically died earlier this year. That was the last time we met, but we all had some great times together, which I will never forget. RIP, my friend, from Kenny.
“The Blackberry Bush” starts the set.

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