Supermarkets hornpipe

Also known as Tesco’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Supermarkets
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:"Em"EBdB "D"FB(3AGF|"Em"EBdB "C"gf(3edB|"Em"EBdB "D"FB(3AGF|"D"FB(3AGF dB "Em"e2:|
"Em"eBde "D"gf(3edB|"C"eBdb "D"ag(3fed|"Em"eBde "D"gfeg|fdBABdfd|
"Em"eBde "D"gf(3edB|"C"eBdb "D"ag(3fed|"Em"eBde "D"gfeg|fdBA"G"FD"B"GF|"Em"E8|

Four comments


Don’t know that I’ve heard this tune in any sessions that I can remember…
How did you come by it? Who did you learn it from? Did you learn it off a recording?
Give us a history (if you know it) of where the tune came from.

Supermarkets… in the beginning… there was a green grocer…

Well I wrote this tune in 2007 when I was learning to play a great tenor whistle my mum Belinda gave me. I was on a sailing boat crossing the Atlantic and had loads of free time. I used to play and make up tunes on my night watches and this tune is a result of those late nights alone with the stars (or storms). I play it down my local sessions in Moseley, Birmingham and we usually follow on into Drowsy Maggie as its a very well known and recognisable tune and compliments the relative obscurity of Supermarkets. They’re also similar in length.
I called originally called it Tesco, Asda and Safeway as I always had a chuckle at there being a jig called Morrisons but eventually the name shortened to Supermarkets … one thing there isn’t 1000 miles from land on the Atlantic.

A ‘newbie’? Sorry not to start with a ‘welcome’, and apologies for being in a grouchy mood too, though I won’t retract anything the grouch in me let fly above. Best of luck in all you do… ~ ‘c’