The Project waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Project
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emaj
fe |:dB (3BBB ef|dB (3BBB ec|dB (3BBB ef|=de fd Ac|
dB (3BBB ef|dB (3BBB ec|dB (3BBB ef|1 =de fd fe:|2 =dc B=A =GF||
[K: Gmaj] |:G2 GB FB|EE EG FG| AD AB AG|FF FB ^DF|
G2 GB FB|EE EG FG| AD AB AG|1 FA dG AA:|2 FA dB (3^d^d^d||
[K: Emaj]|:eB (3BBB eB|dB (3BBB dB|=dA (3AAA de|fB (3BBB =gf|
eB (3BBB eB|dB (3BBB dB|=dA (3AAA de|1 fB (3BBB f=g:|2 |fB (3BBB fe||

Two comments

Hop jig?

This is a hop jig by Patrick Murray (piper and pipesmaker in Boston). Its on the album Isn’t Anyone Going to Stop Them? by the Magic Square.

I wrote it out as a waltz as it should be played in quaver pairs. A 12/8 time signature is probably more appropriate, but the system wouldn’t let me add it?

Also the key is hard to tell, 1st part seems to be in a sort of B, 2nd in G and 3rd in E.

I think other hop jigs are archived here under slip jig 9/8 category. I always think of them as being in 9/8.