The Blackberry Blossom reel

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The “other” Blackberry Blossom

This tune is probably calles something else, but I’ve never found another name than this. The tune does not really resemble any of the other blackberry blossoms so I thought I’d add it! This is how I remember it from friends of mine
Have fun!

Refrences below?

The references below are probably not for this particular black berry blossom.

I believe this tune is on Flook’s very first recording “Flook Live!” But, they don’t play it as a reel but as something else.

This is the Blackberry Blossom commonly played in bluegrass and old time circles. I’ve never heard it at an Irish session.

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ive heard it an an irish session, and jolly nice it was too.
this is pretty much how i remember it.
thanks for submitting it.

One of our fiddlers at our local sessions likes to play this tune irregularly. This fiddler is originally from Australia.
I have also heard this tune played at the monthly meetings of an old-time music group whom I play music with.

Blackberry Blossom

I have been wondering how long it would take someone to post this here. It only took eight years!

Norman Blake does a typically glittering rendition of Blackberry Blossom on his album of the same title. It’s not difficult to flatpick on the guitar in standard tuning but it took me a while (and a bit of experimentation with pick gauges) to get it up consistently up to speed. Bluegrass players tend to play this at dangerously high speeds. It’s follow the fiddle and….. go!

Arthur Smith

This “Blackberry Blossom” was composed by Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith (April 10, 1898 - February 28, 1971) of Tennessee.

Re: The Blackberry Blossom

Different tune altogether. Harry plays a setting of the Irish “BB”, not this, the American tune of the same name.

Re: The Blackberry Blossom

Shoot! Posted on the wrong BB page. Sorry! Is there a way to remove it here?

Re: The Blackberry Blossom

You can point out the error to Jeremy, and request that he relocate it.

Re: The Blackberry Blossom

One of the members of the local old time folk music group who plays the hammer dulcimer likes to play this tune at our monthly meetings.