Ziri Piri reel

Also known as Ziri Piri : Ziri Piri.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ziri Piri
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|:DE FG A2 .A2 | FD F2 ^G3 (G|A2) .A2 FD F2| ^G3 G A2 .A2|
DE FG A2 .A2 | FD F2 ^G3 (G|A2) .A2 FG AF|1 (3DED ^CE D3 [A,D]:|2 (3DED ^CE D3 A||
ABcA d2 {d}cd|BcAB ^G3 (G|A2) .A2 FD F2|^G2 (3AAA A2 Ac|
d3 (dd2) cd|BcAB ^GABG|AA^GA F^GAF|(3DED ^CE DA (3AAA|
AB{d}cA d3 c|(Bc/B/) (AB) ^G3 (G|A2) .A2 FD FD|^GA (3AAA A2 Ac|
d3 (dd2) cd|{e}dcBA ^GABG|AA^GA F^GAF|(3DED ^CE DDEC||

Two comments

As played by Alasdair White
abc transformed from dots by Vanessa Loerkens from Elandir (http://www.elandir.ch)
Great tune, not really from the Irish tradition, but played now in a few sessions…

It IS a great tune, thanks for posting!