Blackjack Grove reel

Also known as Black Jack Grove.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Blackjack Grove
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
"A"a3 (a a)ged|cdef "Em"(3gag fg|"A"aAab aged|cdeg aAA(a|
a)aaa {b}aged|cdef "Em"(3ggg fg|"Em"aAgA "D"Jf2 ed|"A"(3cBA Bc AAgA|
"A"a3 (a a)ged|cdef gAA(a|a)aaa aged|cdeg aAgA|
"A"a3 a aged|cdef "Em"(3ggg fg|"E"aAgA "D"Jf2 ed|"A"(3cBA Bc AB{c}BA|
|:"A"c3A "Em"B2BA|"Em"^GABG "A"(3EFG BA|c3A "Em"B2 BA |^GABG "A"(3EFG GA |
"A"c3A "Em"B2BA |"Em"^GABc "A"dgz(a|"Em"a)aag "D"efed|[1 "A"(3cBA Bc "Em"ABBB:|[2 "A"(3cBA Bc Agza ||

Two comments

Source Aisdair White
Set to abc following dots by Vanessa Loerkens of Elandir fame . The added chords are just hints for unexpierenced backers….

Alasdair White - sorry for that!