St-Etienne reel

Also known as Le Reel De St-Étienne, St Étienne.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: St-Etienne
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A2|f3f-fgfe|dedc (3BcB A2|e3e-efed|cBAG FAde|
f3f-fgfe|dedc (3BcB AA|efed cBAG|FABc d2:|
|:AG|FdAF d2AG|FdAF d2cB|AecA eABc|d2(3cdc (3BcB AG|
FdAF d2AG|FdAF d2cB|AecA eABc|dfec d2:|

Three comments


Great québécois tune, which I heard by the Fréres Brunet (album: Magie, track: Le reel à répondre) whose version is transcribed here. I’ve also heard this from Becky Tracy, the fiddler from Nightingale. Her rendition of the B part is slightly different and is as follows:

|:AG|FdAF d2AG|FdAF d2ed|ceAc eAce|AecA (3BcB AG|
FdAF d2AG|FdAF d2ed|ceAc eABc|dfec d2:|

Also cool but a little harder to play with all the string crossings.

I like to play this tune with Le reel à répondre, Manitou cassé (AKA Lucky Trapper in D), or maybe reel americain.

… snap your fingers, folks, because another Frank Zappa reference just made it to the sesh!

Re: St-Etienne

This tune is on track 5 of Les Fréres Brunet album 1-2-3