The Piper In The Cave march

Also known as The Piper In The Cave March, The Piper’s Cave.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Piper In The Cave
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
e3g f2df|e2A2 A3e|edcB ABcd|~e2ef edBd|
[A3e3]g (3fgf df|e2A2 A3e|dcBA GABc|(3ded dB c2 d2|
e3g f2df|e2A2 A3e|edcB ABcd|e2 ~e2 e2 fg|
agfa gfeg|(3fgf df e3d|dcBA GABc|(3ded dB c2(3BcB||
A2a2 ^c2a2|e2a2 a4|e2ae AB^cd|e2~e2 ed^cB|
A2a2 ^c2a2|e2a2 a4|dcBA GABc|d3B c2(3BcB|
A2a2 ^c2a2|e2a2 a4|e2ae AB^cd|e2~e2 e2fg|
agfa gfeg|(3fgf df e3d|dcBA GABc|(3ded dB c2d2||
e2A2 (3fgf dB|e2A2 ABcd|~e2ef edBd|e3e edBd|
(3efe A2 (3fgf df|e2A2 ABce|d3e dBGB|(3deddB c2d2|
e2A2 (3fgf dB|e2A2 ABcd|~e2ef edBd|e3e ~e2fg|
agfa gfeg|(3fgf df e3d|dcBA GABc|(3ded dB c2d2||

Three comments

The piper in the cave

I heard this one is played as a march. Seams also known as Piper’s Cave.

It is taken from album "Stay Another While" by Paul O’Shaughnessy and Frankie Lane, track 2.

John Doherty, Co. Donegal used to play it and reportedly said that it was about a piper who attempted to make an underground journey through the caves twixt Maghera and Glencolmcille . He said that it was the last tune the piper was heard to play before he et by some wild beast ( as reported by Pádraig September 18th 2004 ).

Quite different story from celticrichie (September 18th 2004) :
"(…) I have been told that The Pipers Cave refers not to some romantic setting, but to a bar somewhere in North Africa during WW2. A better setting by far you might say."

Nice one anyway.

What you posted is in A dorian, not G major. Paul O’Shaughnessy plays it in B though…

There is another Piper’s Cave on Colonsay with a similar story. The piper was attempting to go to Hell and back when drunk - he disappeared into the cave playing "MacCrimmon Will Never Return" accompanied by his dog. He was never seen again but the dog emerged at the other end of the island smouldering.

There is a corresponding Scottish pipe reel of the same name, with no resemblance to this one - it is also played in Ireland as a polka, the name of which I forget.