An Alarc’h polka

Also known as The Three Ravens, The Twa Corbies.

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One setting

X: 1
T: An Alarc'h
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
D GA|B2 G2|[M:3/4] FF G D GA|
[M:2/4] B2 G2|[M:3/4] FF G3 B|[M:2/4] Bc dd|cB B2|
A4|GA B G/G/|GG/F/ G2|D4|
GA BG/G/|GF (G2|G4)|

Five comments

An Alarc’h

I don’t think polka suites this tune, but it was the best choise for the 2/4. This tune is a breton tune, but is played over the rest of the Celtic areas. An Alarc’h has text, but is also played without. The melody forms the base of a few folk songs, like ‘the twa corbies’ and ‘the three ravens’.


Alarc’h is breton for Swan

Eun alarc’h, eu alarc’h tramor,
War lein tour moal kastell armor

Refrain :
Dinn, dinn, dao?! d’an emgann !
O! dinn, dinn, dao?! d’an emgann ez an !

Neventi vat d’ar vretoned !
Ha mallozh ruz d’ar C’hallaoued!

Erru ul lestr e pleg ar mor,
E oueliu? gwenn ganta? digor

Digouet an aotrou Yann endro,
Digouet eo da ziwall e vro

D’hon diwall doc’h ar C’hallaoued,
A vac’hom war ar Vretoned.

Ken e laosker ur youc’adenn,
A ra d’an aod ur grenadenn


I know a version that is over 25 verses long, but unless requested I won’t bother to post it. Here’s some of the English

A swan, a swan from overseas,
On top of the old tower of Castle Arvor sits!

Din, din, daon, to the fight, to the fight,
o!Din, din, daon, to the fight I go!

It’s a good news for the Bretons,
For the French a malediction!

A ship has arrived in the bay,
With all its white sails on display;

T’is Lord Yann who is now backhome
To protect his land he has come.

To protect us against the French,
Who’re striving our rights to suppress.

A cry rises joyful and shrill
That makes the shore quiver and thrill

A good tune…

for the hurdy gurdy!

Re: An Alarc’h

Seems very short. Shouldn’t there be a few more parts?