Taking The Tent Down jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Taking The Tent Down
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: G2g fGd- | d2G ABd | e2d BAG | ABd B2A |
G2g fGd- | d2G ABG | BcA BGE |1 DEG ABG- :|2 DEG ABG ||
AEG AdA | eAc BGA | DFG ADd- | d2D GFD |
EGA cde | age-e2e | deg edB | BcA BAG |
EGA dAe | deg a2g | fgf dAG | FDd-d2D |
EGA gAe | deA-A2B | cdg fgd | ecA d3 ||
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Four comments

This is a really nice jig, penned by Julian Sutton. Transcription based on Julian Sutton’s *Melodeon Crimes* recording.

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Niice tune! I’d been thinking of transcribing it myself. I got it from Last Orders. Way too difficult on fiddle, with those octave jumps, but suprisingly nice on the whistle!

This album is a constant feature on my MP3 player - it is brilliant. I hope someone will transcribe ‘Secret garden’ - the tune that goes before ‘Taking the tent down’. It is a truly beautiful piece of music. I will keep trying to learn it in the mean time,

Great tune, just learned it on the fiddle, yes it is hard but it was worth it, i did try doing the A part in 3rd position but shiftilng up to 3rd is a bit too tricky at times