Mrs MacPherson Of Inveran reel

By G.S. MacLennan

Also known as Mrs A MacPherson Of Inveran, Mrs A. MacPherson Of Inveran, Mrs. MacPherson Of Inveran.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mrs MacPherson Of Inveran
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:f2af dfAd|f2af feef|e2ge ceAc|1 e2fg fddg:|2 e2fg fddA||
d2Ad dfAd|d2Ad dccd|c2Ac ceAc|c2Ac eddA|
d2Ad dfAd|d2Ad dccd|cAAB cdef|gfea fddg||
|:f2gf affg|affg feef|e2fe geef|1 geef eddg:|2 geef eddA||
d2Ad faef|dfed dccd|c2Ac egdf|ceBc eddA|
d2Ad faef|dfed dccd|c2Bc Aceg|face eddg||
|:f2ed affg|a2gf feef|e2dc geef|1 g2fe eddg:|2 g2fe eddA||
d2Ad f2df|gfed dccd|c2Ac e2ce|gedc eddA|
d2Ad f2df|gfed dccd|cAdB ecfd|gedc edd2||
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Five comments

A favourite among highland pipers, it has a couple of tricky runs that still catch me out from time to time. I’ve put it in D because that’s what it is written in for the pipes. It could just as easily be in G if you are on the fiddle.

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Composed by……………?

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Composed by…

P/M G.S. McLennan of “Jig of Slurs” and “Little Cascade” fame. The namesake was the wife of Angus MacPherson,son of Malcolm “Calum Piobaire” MacPherson. Inveran was the inn run by the MacPhersons and owned by Andrew Carnegie.

This is a mighty tune, the fiddlers that I know who play this tune play it in D.

“ Inveran was the inn run by the MacPhersons and owned by Andrew Carnegie.”

The hostelry was The Inveran Hotel, in Inveran, Invershin, Sutherland. It was run by the Macphersons for 35 years until it burned down in 1949.
George S MacLennan spent some time at the hotel when he was dying of throat cancer. It was there that he composed the tune for Alice MacPherson. The story goes that someone had to inflate the bag as he played the tune, as he was no longer able to do this himself.