One recording of
The Wild Irishman
Banish Misfortune

The Wild Irishman (reel) is also known as The Glenties.

Banish Misfortune (jig) is also known as Banished Misfortune, Díbir Anachain, Díbir Mí-Ádh, The Horse Under The Stairs, The Humours Of Mullinafauna, The Little Bag Of Meal, Mammy’s Horse Is Dying, The Mangled Badger, Ruaig An Mí-ádh, The Stoat That Ate Me Sandals, The Whore Amongst The Nettles Roaring.

Live From Dublin - A Tribute To Derek Bell by The Chieftains

  1. Banish Misfortune
  2. The Morning Dew
  3. Arkansas Traveller
  4. Wild Irishman