The Belfast Traveller reel

Also known as The Belfast Traveler, Crehan’s, Gerry Cronin’s, Martin Rocheford’s, Mateusz’ Hornpipe.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Belfast Traveller
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
c |: d2fd BAFE | DB,B,B, A,B,DE | F3A d2cd | Beed egfe |
dfed BAFE | DB,B,B, A,B,DE | FAdf ecdB |1 AFEF D3c :|2 AFEF DABc ||
|: d3d bdad | gdfd edBc | d3c defg | afdf e2fa |
b3f afef | defd edBF | ABdf ecdB |1 AFEF DABc :|2 AFEF D3c ||
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X: 2
T: The Belfast Traveller
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: g2bg edBA | GE E2 DEGA | B3d g2fg | eaag agef |
gbag edBA | GE E2 DEGA | Bdgb afge |1 dBAB G3f :|2 dBAB Gdef ||
|:g3f eBdB | cABG AGEF | G3F GABc | dBGB A2 (3Bcd |
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I requested this tune ages ago, but frustration forced me to transcribe it myself. Transcription based on the dazzling performance of Brendan Mulholland, Brendan Hendry, and Paul McSherry on their album *Tuned Up*. How can you not love the B part?

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Mateusz’ Hornpipe

This tune also makes a great hornpipe and I actually fancy the hornpipe version of it more than the reel version!
I think the melody sounds so much more cheerful and lively when played with a rather swingy hornpipe rhythm!

I sort of jokingly started to call this tune "Mateusz’ Hornpipe" at sessions, in lack of its real name, since Mateusz is the name of the guy I learnt it from!

It’s a lovely tune that I think should be played at sessions much more often!

Same tune as Forget Me Not?

This is the same tune as Forget Me Not*. It has been attributed to Larry Redican— though it seems that a tune that has traveled so far and wide, and has so many different names, would be a much older traditional tune.

I’m just saying….

*Also known as Crehan’s, Dan Cronin’s, Forget Me Not, Forget Me Not Composed By Larry Redican, Gerard Cronin’s, Gerry Cronin’s, Larry Bedican’s, Larry Radican’s, Larry Redigan’s, Martin Rocheford’s, Martin Rochford’s, Rochford’s

The Belfast Traveller, X:2

My version.

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The Belfast Traveller, X:2

Should be K: Gmaj

I’m not sure what Toppish means by "Should be K", but the tune sounds strange with the C sharps when the tonic is G. It sounds better in G major with C naturals. Great tune JACKB, many thanks for this one and all the others you’ve been adding.

"Toppish" is saying that the key - "K" - should be G major and not "D" major, as posted by "JACKB".

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Belfast Traveller

I have this tune from the playing of Josephine Keegan, in C. A transcription of her version is in Ceol Rince na h-Eireann 3.

Thanks "Kenny" for the explanation. I’m OK with sheet music but not too familiar with the ABC notation.

The Belfast Traveller.

This reel was recorded by The Bridge Ceili Band on their 1975 vinyl LP. They called this tune Garry Cronin’s Reel & they played it in the key of C. Mighty reel which they learned from the playing of the Cork fiddle player Garry Cronin.