Four recordings of The Killarney Wonder Schottise

Also known as Finnea Lasses, The Finnea Lasses Highland Fling, The Finnea Lasses, Finnea Lassies, Gurren Castle, Gurren’s Castle, Gurrens Castle, The Killarney Highland Fling, Killarney Wonder, The Killarney Wonder Schottische, The Killarney Wonder.

This tune has been recorded together with The Long Note, The Macroom Lasses, Miss Lyall, Miss Sarah Drummond Of Perth.

  1. Hugh Gillespie by Hugh Gillespie
  2. Sweeney’s Dream by Kevin Burke
  3. The Irish Music Anthology (40 Classic Songs, Jigs And Reels) by Various Artists
  4. The Thorn Tree by Grainne Hambly