Lord Leitrim barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: Lord Leitrim
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
CDEF G2 FD | G2 FE FDDF | G,DFA G2 FD |1 G2 FD ECA,G, :|2 G2 FD EC C2 ||
cdcB G3 F | E2 GE FD D2 | cdcB G3 F |D2 FD EC C2 |
cdcB G3 F | E2 GE FD D2 | ecdB c2 cA |GAGF DEFD ||

Three comments

Charlie Lennon: Still sneaking good new tunes out on his friends & family’s CD’s.

Every time I find a new Charlie Lennon tune on a CD, I can’t help but get excited; there’s always an element of surprise in his music that I enjoy immensely. This tune is one of a pair of barndances on Ben Lennon & Tony O’Connell’s new CD, "Rossinver Braes". This lovely CD took some time to get used to, but keeps getting better with each listen. This is unpretentious, subtle, relaxed music played by an all-time great & a "young gun" in Mr. O’Connell. I was very pleasantly surprised by this considerably younger musician’s obvious respect for Ben Lennon, in that he altered his usual mode of playing (fast, agressive, technical) to meet this Elder Statesman of Irish music MORE than halfway. The results are a joy to listen to, and have completely changed my opinion of Tony O’Connell’s music. I am VERY impressed!

Great tune.

Thanks for posting this. Another gem from Charlie Lennon.

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Thanks for posting!