Easter Snow slip jig

Also known as Díseart Nuadhan, Díseart Uí Nuaḋan, Dysart Noan, Easter Snow Slow Air, Eastersnowe, Estersnowe.

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Four settings

X: 1
T: Easter Snow
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:{f}g2f{d} e3 d2e/f/|g2(3e/d/B/ d2e G3|{A}G2A/B/ c2 B~B2c|d2B/G/ A2B {F}GGG:|
d2e/f/ g2a b2a|g3 g2a b2a|g2e g3 g2a|b2a g2e g3|g2e/B/ d2e G3|
{d}g2f/d/ e3 d2e/f/|g2e/B/ d2e G3|G2A/B/ c2B/A/ B2c|d2B/G/ A2B {F}~G3||
X: 2
T: Easter Snow
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:gf e2 de/f/|g3 (3e/d/B/ d>e|G4 GA/B/|
cB/A/ B (3A/B/c/ dB/G/|A>B G2 G2|1 G4:|2 G4 de/f/||
|:g>a b>a g2|g>a ba g>e|g6|
g>a ba g>e|g3 (3e/d/B/ d>e|G6|
g>f e2 d>e/f/|g3 (3e/d/B/ d>e|G4 GA/B/|
cB/A/ B (3A/B/c/ dB/G/|A>B G2 G2|G4||
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X: 3
T: Easter Snow
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B2(3{e}dB{e}d eG3-|G8-|G2zfJg/a/fJg2-|g2{a}gfdJe3-|e3{a}ed4-|
d2zJf.az fg/a/|g2{a}gfJ~e3d-|d4z2J~e2|d2ef{a}fg{a}g2-|g2dJ~e2d3-|
dz~BA2JB3-|B3(3{e}dB{e}d eG2|{A}G6z2|GA/G/FJG2ABB-|B2J!>!c2B4|
{c}(3BAB cd3-d2|ze~g2 J!>!B3A|GA/B/ A6-|~A3JB FJGG2|
g2aaJ!>!b2-a2-|ab/a/g4{a}g/e/Jf-|g2{a}g6|zg(3a/g/f/ g2a2.b|
za2b/a/g2a/g/e|J!>!g2-f2-f3{a}f|ed6z|A>B{a}d>B{a}de3-|d2G6-|G4z2G A/G/|
FG2ABBJc2-|cB4{c}B (3ABc|d3-d2zeJ~g-|g zAJB{c}AG2A/B/|A{B}A4-A3-|
d3zf/g/a/z fg//a//|!>!g4-f2{a}fJe-|e4{a}ed3-|d6zd|
G2ABB2J!>!c2-|B4{c}BABc|d6z2|eJg3J!>!B3-A|(3GAB A6-|A3zBFG2-|G{c}G3-G2{A}G/F/G|
G8-|G4z2d2-|d^dJ~e2d4|ef{a}fg{a}g4-|g2z2{a}(3gfg a2|Jb4-a2{c'}ag|g4-g3z|
zfg (3a/g/f/ g2a2|Jb2-a2b/a/g3|{a}ge{a}fg/a/g/a/g3-|g4z2f2|
d.e GAG4-|G2z2G (3A/G/F/ G2|A/B/BJc2-B4-|B{c}B/A/Bcd4|
X: 4
T: Easter Snow
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:"G"gf "C"e2 "G"de/f/|"G"g3"Em" (3e/d/B/ "G"d>e|"C"G4 GA/B/|
"Am"cB/A/ "Em"B (3A/B/c/ "G"dB/G/|"D"A>B "C"G2 G2|1 "G"G6:|2 "G"G4 de/f/||
"Em"g>a b>a g2|g>a ba g>e|"G"g6|
"Em"g>a ba g>e|"G"g3 (3e/d/B/ d>e|"C"G6|
"G"g>f "C"e2 "G"d>e/f/|"G"g3 "Em"(3e/d/B/ "G"d>e|"C"G4 GA/B/|
"Am"cB/A/ "Em"B (3A/B/c/ "G"dB/G/|"D"A>B "C"G2 G2|"G"G4||
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Ten comments

There is a nice version of Liam O’Flynn together with Catherine Ennis, daughter of Seamus Ennis one of *the* pipers, song and tune collector and Liam’s mentor.

Should be played rather slow 3/8= 35..40bpm

Slow Air / Listening Piece

of course this is not a slip jig to dance…maybe could be written in 3/4 also, but it’s not a waltz at all as well …

Lovely recording of this

There’s a gorgeous recording of this by Beginish.

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one of the easier airs to tackle, but still quite lovely


The recording on pathway to the well is the best slow air I have ever heard on flute and, actually, my favourite slow air of all right now

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learning this from the You tube clip. It is very lovely

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The song

There’s a lovely version of the air & song on the CD ‘Alone by the Wildwood’ https://thesession.org/recordings/4403.

Do not under any circumstances try to learn this piece from the MIDI file here - listen to the air played or sung properly!! 🙂

This CD comes with a 64 page booklet or vice versa. Here you’ll find a history & words of each song. Of interest, is that the booklet claims that the air Easter Snow was composed by blind piper, Jimmy Fallon from Dysart in south Roscommon around the end of the 1800s. It also speculates that the name ‘Easter Snow’ is a corruption of Diseart Nuadhan (St.Nuadhan’s hermitage or church). Although it should be said that the term is also used for the Hawthorn blossom that whitens the ditches in late spring.
The song, Eastersnowe here is of unknown origin and age but was a favourite of the late Florry Brennan of Lanesboro, who got it from Seamus Ennis, who collected the tune from the Donegal traveller fiddlers, the Gallaghers. The author suspects it’s of the 1900s and perhaps made up locally to fit the air? Here’s the words:

In the twilight of the morning as I roved out upon the dew,
With my morning cloak around me intending all of my flocks to view.
’Twas there I spied a fair one and oh, she was a beauty bright,
And I took her for Diana or the evening star that rules the night.

I being so much surprised by her, it being the forenoon of the day,
To see this lovely creature coming over the banks of sweet Lough Ree.
Her snow white neck it naked and oh she was a beauty bright,
And my heart was captivated by the two dark eyes rolled in her head.

I said, "My dear your love I crave for Cupid is a cruel foe,
I’ll roll you in my morning cloak and I’ll take you home with me to Easter Snow.
You go and acquaint my parents,“ and ”indeed kind sir I’ll do the same,
And if both our parents give consent then neither you nor I will bear the blame."

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Easter Snow, X:3

I saw this version on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsVFN7VAf1g played by Chris McMullen played on a Low D whistle. I really like it though it was hard to transcribe his ornamentation, it being very complex in parts. I don’t think I always understood what he was playing as hard as I listened. No doubt piping ornaments crept in there. Js signify rising slides and > falling slides.

Re: Easter Snow

At our local session recently, I was reminded of this beautiful Slow Air by the lovely Flute playing of Daithi Connaughton, so when better to record it than Easter Weekend. … In memory of Liam O’Flynn.