One recording of
Easter Snow
George White’s Favourite

Easter Snow (slip jig) is also known as Díseart Nuadhan, Díseart Uí Nuaḋan, Dysart Noan, Easter Snow Slow Air, Eastersnowe, Estersnowe.

George White’s Favourite (reel) is also known as The Boys Of Carrowcastle, Carracastle Lasses, The Carracastle Lasses, Carrowcastle Lasses, Carrowcastle Lassies, George White’s, George White’s Fancy, George White’s Favourite, George Whites, George Whyte’s Fancy, George Whyte’s Favourite, Lass Of Carracastle, The Lass Of Carrowcastle, Lasses Of Carracastle, The Lasses Of Carracastle, The Reeler, Rogha Sheoirse De Faoite, George White’s Favorite.

Echoes Of Erin 2011 by Various Artists

  1. Easter Snow
  2. George White’s Favourite
  3. The Collier’s