The Fly In The Marmalade jig

Also known as The Fly In The Marmelade.

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Origin of tune

I transcribed this tune from the track entitled “Jigs” on the Albumr entilteld “Anthology - Volume 1, Dunes” by Iona. There are three jigs in a set on this track and this is the first. The other two will follow.

C: ~ ?

Who composed it?


Not sure. The liner notes are packed away with my books at the moment and a casual search on the net turned up nothing. They are either originals or anonomous traditional tunes arranged by Dave Bainbridge and Troy Donockley (the musical masterminds behind most of Iona’s stuff).

Anyone recognize this tune?

My most recent posting ended up being a duplicate of an existing tune. I’d love to find out if this one is already out there and what it is called.

It reads and plays as a recent composition. I hope you find your notes, that will probably reveal who is responsible for it. 😀

No luck

The liner notes don’t give any information other than that the set was recorded “live” and that it was a favorite on thier 2001 tour. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is an original by either Dave or Troy (or both). It’s also possible that it is simply a very obscure traditional jig. In any event, it goes really well with The Monaghan and The Spinning Wheel. 🙂

I found out the story on this tune!

This tune is an original composition by the brilliant uilleann piper and multi instrumentalist, Troy Donockley, formerly of the band ‘Iona’. It is entitled, according to Dave Bainbridge, of Iona, "The Fly in the Marmelade(sp?).