The Fall Of Dunboy hornpipe

Also known as The Battle Of Dunboy, The Fall Of Dunboy Set Dance, John Dwyer’s Set Dance.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Fall Of Dunboy
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
dc|:B2 GB DBGB|d2 BG d2 BG|B2 GB DBGB|c2 AD c2 AD|
BGBd c2 cA|BGBd gfdc|BGBd gfdc|1B2 G2 G2 dc:|2B2 G2 G2 Bc||
dgBg d2 Bd|gBdg B3d|g2 ga b3a|gfgb d3e|
fafd cdcd|fAdf g2 de|fafd cdfa|g2 b2 g2 ga|
b3a gfga|b2 bg d3e|fafd fafd|gbgd gbgd|
fafd fafd|dccb c2 dc|BGBd c2 cA|BGBd gfdc|
BGBd gfdc|1B2 G2 G2 Bc:|2B2 G2 G2 dc||

Six comments


This tune was composed by fiddle player John Dwyer. John, alongside his brother Finbarr, is being awarded TG4’s Composer of the Year 2010.

I learned this tune from Mikie Smyth

The Fall of Dunboy

I can’t remember where or who I got this tune from but it’s nice to see it posted here and I sincerely hope some folk pick it up so’s I can play along with them.
For some reason I’ve always thought this was written as a ‘set dance’ tune - maybe I’m wrong. Not having heard anybody else playing it I stand to be corrected.

Set Dance

This is a set dance but i couldn’t select it as a tune type when i was submitting it so i just went with hornpipe!

This Tune Is A Set Dance!!!

For all ye’re information folks, this tune is a SET DANCE!

IT’S A SET DANCE!!! ~ no foolin’? ~ 😉

That’s what the comments are for. We have the same problem with marches, they and set dances come in more than just the one time signature, so putting them up as a seperate category had its problems and the webmaster, Jeremy, decided on the easy option, which we’ve all learned to live with. Another option is to put ‘set dance’ in the alternate title list, so it can used as a general search to find other ‘set dances’… It was obvious by the structure, but it helps to have it clearly stated in the comments. Thanks…