The Egg And The Fiddle reel

By Robert Mathieson

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Four comments

From Robert Mathieson’s “The Big Birl” Album

This reel is one of two on a track following a favorite air of mine “Song for the Smallpipes”. He plays these on the Scottish Smallpipes with a “D” chanter.

Found the composer

Another member told me that the composer on this one is P.M. Robert Mathieson. It was apparently originally composed in Amix on the Great Highland Pipes. But on the recording I have, he plays it on the Smallpipes in D.

Watch this….!

Here’s “The Egg And The Fiddle” played by its’ composer Robert Mathieson, who then departs to leave members of the “Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band” to do their own thing. Be sure to watch it through to the end - it’s pretty amazing !

Egg and the Fiddle

Amazing indeed! Pity it was cut short, but it was very bold of them even to attempt it.