The Shepherd’s Wife waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Shepherd's Wife
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:D2 |G4 A2 |B4 c2 |d4 g2 |g2 f2 d2 |
e3 f g2 |d3 c B2 |A3 B G2 |F3 E D2 |
G4 A2 |B4 c2 |d4 g2 |g2 f2 d2 |
e3 f g2 |a3 g f2 |g6 |g4 :|
|: ga |b4 b2 |a3 g f2 |g3 a g2 |f3 e d2 |
e3 f g2 |d3 c B2 |A3 B G2 |F3 E D2 |
b4 b2 |a3 g f2 |g3 a g2 |f3 e d2 |
e3 f g2 |a3 g f2 |g6 |g4 :|
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This is my all time favorite waltz so far. I don’t know if it’s ITRAD but if not, it should be.

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Re: The Shepherd’s Wife

Isn’t this the best known tune for "A Rosebud by my Early Walk", song by Robert Burns? It’s been very well known in Scotland for years - though it might have come from Ireland originally (I’ve no idea!). A good tune whatever.

Re: The Shepherd’s Wife

The tune Kinsley gives in his Oxford edition of Burns is a different one, in a minor key, and is called The Rosebud (n0 213, p.322).
This tune here is the one sung (beautifully) by Gordeanna McCulloch on Linn Records’ "Robert Burns: The Complete Songs", vol. 2 track 22.

Re: The Shepherd’s Wife

The melody which Burns originally used was composed by David Sillar, a teacher at Irvine in Ayrshire, and is reminiscent of the air to "John Anderson, My Jo" - that is the air published in Johnson’s Musical Museum. It seems to have been in the 1840s, when Wood & Co. published their "Songs of Scotland" that they took it upon themselves to declare that the original tune had "no merit" and put the words to another tune called "The Shepherd’s Wife" - published as an air by Gow, among others.

There is also another old Scottish tune called "The Shepherd’s Wife" which has similarities, but to me is quite different, with a song attached which was published in Herd’s collection (1769). Burns added and revised a version of that song too. I play it as a jig and learned it from an old 1970s LP from the Glasgow group The Clutha (one of whose singers was Gordeanna McCulloch, coincidentally).