Flight Of The Curlew waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Flight Of The Curlew
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
EA c4 |Bc d4 |c B2 A3- |A6 |
e2 a4 |ba g4 |fe f e3- |e6 |
fg a4 |ba g4 |f2 e4 |cB A4 |
EA c4 |e c2 B3 |c B2 A3- |A6 :|
|:c/B/A G (F2 z |G) A2 c3 |ec B A3- |A6 |
c/B/A G (F2 z |G) A2 c3 |Ac e f3- |f3 g3- |
g f2 e3 |f e2 c3-|cA B c3- |c E2 F3-|
[1FA B2 c6 |e c2 B3 |c B2 A3- |A6 :|
[2AB c3 e |c2 d2 (b2 |b6) |c'b a4 |f/d/c BA B(A |(A6) |A6) :|

Five comments

Flight of the curlew

Written after moving to live back in a town after many years in the country and looking out over wet slate roofs and reminiscing about the birds & wildlife whilst imagining the swoop and dives of the birds as they hunt (I know a curlew is a wading bird but it has a nice feel to the name). Played fairly free to accentuate the swoops and dives in the tune. I don’t read/write music so there may be small timing mistakes but feel free to interpret.

Failte newbie ~ but ~

Arriving brand new to a site you’re unfamiliar with as yet, and starting by just dumping a tune of your own genius ~ that’s not recommended as a good start… May you find much here of interest, and may your relationship to it all grow in understanding ~ and consideration…

Could be worse ceol: Somebody last night posted the Banshee, a note for note plagiarism of Jeremy’s original posting from 2001, as his first and only contribution to the site.

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I stopped counting the ones that have done that. I think they sometimes pick up the ABCs, cut-and-paste, from databases that have mined things from here, not realizing when they drop in here, having not bothered to do a basic search from the start, that what they are adding is already here ~ note-for-note, and the same identical layour of ABCs. As you’ve inferred, there are worse things in this world than one person’s oversight of this site’s FAQs and their scrambled egg of a melody… 😛

Well, I like curlews - I can relate to that bit…