The Independence hornpipe

Also known as Cornphíopa An Neamhspleáchais, The Fiddler’s Cramp, The Independent, The Northumbrian, Vendome, Vendome Clog.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: The Independence
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
Bc|:dgfa (3gab gd|(3efg dc (3Bcd BG|FGAB cBce|(3agf (3gfe d2Bc|
dgfa (3gab gd|(3efg dc (3Bcd bg|fedB cAFG|1 (3ABA GF G2:|2 (3ABA GF G2AB||
|:(3cdc (3BAG (3FAc (3edc|(3Bcd (3Bdg (3bag (3fed|
(3cdc (3BAG (3FAc (3edc|(3Bcd (3Bdg (3bag (3fed|
~e2 (3ceg (3c'ba (3gfe|~d2 (3Bdg (3bag (3fed|
(3ced (3cBA (3fed (3cBA|(3GBd (3gdB G4:|
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X: 2
T: The Independence
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
Bc|: dgfa (3gab gd|(3efg dc (3Bcd BG|FGAB cBce|(3aba (3gfe (3ded Bc|
dgfa (3gab gd|(3efg dc (3Bcd bg|fedc BAGF|[1 A2 G2 G2 Bc:|[2 A2 G2 G2 AB||
|: (3cdc (3BAG (3FAc (3edc|(3ded (3Bdg (3bag (3fed| (3cdc (3BAG (3FAc (3edc|(3ded (3Bdg (3bag (3fed|
e2 (3ceg (3c'ba (3gfe|d2 (3Bdg (3bag (3fed|(3cdc (3BAG (3fed (3cBA|[1 (3GBd (3gdB G2 AB:|2 (3GBd (3gdB G4 |]
X: 3
T: The Independence
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
Bc |:"G"dg"D"fa "G"(3gab gd |"C"(3efg "G"dc "G"(3Bcd BG |"D"FGAB "Am7"cBce |
"D"(3agf "C"(3gfe "G"d2 Bc |"G"dg"D"fa "G"(3gab gd |"C"(3efg "D"dc "G"(3Bcd ag |
"D"fedB cAFG ||1 "D7"(3ABA GF "G"G2 Bc :|2 "D"(3ABA GF "G"G2 AB ||
|:"D"(3cdc (3BAG (3FAc (3edc |"G"(3Bcd (3Bdg "Em7"(3bag (3fed |"Am7"(3cdc (3BAG "D"(3FAc (3edc |
"G"(3Bcd (3Bdg "Em7"(3bag (3fed |"C"e2 (3ceg (3c'ba (3gfe |"G"d2 (3Bdg "Em7"(3bag (3fed |
"Am7"(3ced (3cBA "D"(3fed (3cBA ||1 "G"(3GBd (3gdB G2 AB :|2 "G"(3GBd (3gdB G2 |]
GA |:Bddc (3Bcd BG |(3cde BA (3GAB GE |DEFG AGAc |
(3fed (3edc BAGA |Bddc (3Bcd dB |(3cde BA (3GAB fe |
dcBG AFDE ||(3FGF Bd g2 GA :|(3FGF Dc B2 FG ||
|:(3ABA (3GFE (3DFA (3cBA |(3GAB (3GBd (3gfe (3dcB |(3ABA (3GFE (3DFA (3cBA |
(3GAB (3GBd (3gfe (3dcB |c2 (3Ace (3agf (3edc |B2 (3GBd (3gfe (3dcB |
(3AcB (3AGF (3dcB (3edc ||(3Bdg (3bgd B2 FG :|(3Bdg (3bgd B2 |]
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Eighteen comments

This was recorded back in the 30’s or 40’s (a long time ago, anyway) by piper Leo Rowsome.


Also recorded more recently by "Danu" - flute solo by Tom Doorley on their 1st CD, and by "Craobh Rua" from Belfast.
Named after a steamship, I believe.

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Grada recording

alan doherty of grada and lords of the rings soundtrack fame does a rather grand rendition of this tune on gradas first album they made before endeavour which i dont think is in circulation anywhere
theres a good selection of tunes and songs and i would post it only i dont have the case with me
so itll have to wait

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Still waiting….

i would post it only i dont have the case with me
so itll have to wait [sic]

Posted on June 30th 2003 by timo

When I play this tune at a faster pace, I love doing some variations in the second half of the B part like this:

"(3e^de (3ceg (3c’ba (3gfe|(3d^cd (3Bdg (3bag (3fed"

Or the way Flook play it with holding out the " c’ " and " b " notes, and then the last time through will do something like this:

"~e2 (3ceg e’2z2|~d2 (3Bdg d’2z2"

No matter how it’s played, or what speed it’s played at, this is a seriously awesome tune, I must say. First heard it on a recording from TV of Matt Molloy, and was just hooked.

This tune may well have started of as "The Vendome" (from the Scottish collection, "Kerr’s Merry Melodies" Book 2)

Is that a flute tune? How they play the high C on the flute at last part?

High "c"

No problem for me with a "c" natural key, but it’s still a fairly tricky tune. The only option if you don’t have a key is to half-cover the top-hole by sliding or rolling your top finger. It is quite popular with flute players. I think there may be a video on "YouTube" somewhere of Matt Molloy playing it as a duet with Cormac Breathnach from a concert programme with the Donal Lunny Band from the 80s, I would think. Molloy also recorded it with James Galway and the Chieftains. As I said above, I recommend Tom Doorley’s solo version on the 1st "Danu" recording, if you can still get hold of it. Good luck !

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Thank you Kenny. I’ve listen the Matt Molloy version on youtube and it’s great! I still not have keys on my flute, i’m going to try that sliding trick. Thanks!

High c on flute

Use fingering < oxo xxx

This is how Michael McGoldrick plays it

Bc| dgfa gab gd|efg dc Bcd BG|FGAB cBce|aba gfe ded|
Bc| dgfa gab gd|efg dc Bcd bg|fedc BAGF| A2 G FG|
AB |cdc BAG FAc edc|ded Bdg bag fed|
cdc BAG FAc edc|ded Bdg bag fed|
e2 ceg c’ba gfe|d2 Bdg bag fed|
cdc BAG fed cBA|GBd gdB G:|

Please forgive my very basic notation.
This is as close as I could get it to how Mike plays it in this video:

As hnorbeck said, play the extra high c like this: oxo xxx

I just half hole the third octave c. It is pretty easy because it flows nicely in the b.

Re: The Independence

Bobby Gardiner plays this in D Major.

The Independence, X:3

Here’s a setting with an accompanying harmony part, from the Rude Mechanicals’ Tune Library (

I see a variant of this tune is also listed on this site as ‘The Independence (Fiddlers Cramp), in F and with slightly different phrasing.

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