The Cuttlefish waltz

By Brett Greatley-Hirsch

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Cuttlefish
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:BG Bc dg|f2- fg dg|e2- ed c2|B2- BA G2|
E2- EG dE|F2- FA dA|B2- BA G2|A2- A2- A2|
BG Bc dg|a2- af df|g2- gd c2|B2- BA G2|
E2- EG dE|F2- FA dA|G2- GA G2|1 G2- G2- G2:|2 G2- G2 AB||
|:c2- cd g2|g2- g2 dc|B2- Bd g2|g2- g2 cB|
A2- AF D2|G2- GE D2|D2- DE G2|A2- A2 AB|
c2- cd g2|g2- g2 dc|B2- Bd af|g2- g2 cB|
A2- AF D2|G2- GE D2|B2- BG D2|A2- A2- A2||
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This is my first self-penned tune, so be gentle! It sounded cutesy and graceful, like a cuttlefish gliding through the water.

For those unfamiliar with cuttlefish, here’s a short video on Youtube:


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Nice tune!

Re: The Cuttlefish

Australia is home to the largest cuttlefish in the world but Ireland’s only cuttlefish ( aka "the white mare" ) was only scientifically recorded about ten years ago*

I like the name "cait mhara" to describe her; because of her wonderful cateye eyes and pouncing/stalking habits …even though cait mhara is normally used for the wolffish.

Her eggs are called sea grapes for their similarity with a bunch of redgrapes.
I’ve never seen them in Ireland but they can be often spotted in Brittany, especially in the "little sea" of Morbihan

*and not too often spotted in Irish waters;

Re: The Cuttlefish

An láir bhán (the white mare)