Three recordings of
The Smith Of Chilliechassie
Bog An Lochan

The Smith Of Chilliechassie (reel) is also known as The Smith Of Killiechassie.

Bog An Lochan (strathspey) is also known as Athol Commers, Athole Cummers, Atholl Cummers, Bog A’ Lochan, Bog A’Lochain, Bog An Lachan, Bog An Lochain, Bog An Logan, Bog An Login - Ashley MacIsaac, Bog On Lochan, Bog On Lochon, Bogan Lochan, Bogan Logan, Boggin Logan, The Water Ousel, The Water Ouzel, The Water-ouzel.

Pipes Alive by Burt Mitchell

  1. Donald Cameron
  2. Athole Cummers
  3. The Smith Of Chilliechassie

The Sound Of The Sun by Fred Morrison

  1. Munlochy Bridge
  2. Bog An Lochan
  3. Calum Crubach
  4. Alick Currie’s
  5. The Smith Of Killiechassie
  6. La Paulettina

The World Pipe Band Championships 2006 Vol.1 by Various Artists

  1. The Stirlingshire Militia
  2. The Atholl Cummers
  3. The Smith Of Chilliechassie