Blacksmith Courted Me waltz

Also known as The Blacksmith.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Blacksmith Courted Me
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
[d3/2A3/2][d/A/][dA] [a2A2][gA]|[fA][d2A2] [d3/2A3/2][d/A/][dA]|[d2c2][dA] [fA][d2A2]|[d3/2A3/2][d/A/][dA] [a2A2][gA]|
[fA][d2A2] [d3/2A3/2][d/A/][dA]|[d2c2][dA] [fA][d2A2]|dcA2D2|FA2 [g3c3E3]|
dcd D3|C2[A4D4]|dc/AG3/2FD|FA2 [g3c3E3]|
dcd D3|C2D4|FA[c2E2][c2E2]|dcA GA2|
[d2A2G2][d2A2F2][d2A2D2]|[d2A2F2][c4E4]|DEF [dA]G[dA]|AdB GA2|
DEF GAD|C2[d4A4D4]|

Five comments

Blacksmith Courted Me

This notation was written for mandolin tuned to GDAD. To create a mandolin tab, paste the ABC notation into AbcNavigator and save a Midi file. Import the midi file into Power Tab or Guitar Pro and select Four Stringed Instrument. Set the string tuning to gdad. Select fingerpicking if you are using Power Tab.

Not that it can’t also work in 3/4 time…

Re: Blacksmith Courted Me

Does anyone have tab for this song?