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One setting

X: 1
T: Missing Time
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Fmaj
^G |S AF ~F2 AFcF | ~F2 AF cFAF | AF ~F2 EFEF | ~F2 EF EFEF |
B3 F ~F2 BF | ~F2 BF cFdF | cE ~E2 BE ~E2 | AE ~E2 GE ~E2 ||
AF ~F2 CFAF | ~F2 GF AF ~F2 | AF ~F2 GFGF | ~F2 GF GFGF |
BF ~F2 EF ~F2 | BFDF cFdF | cG ~G2 dG ~G2 | eG ~G2 fGgG |]
|: ac ~c2 gc ~c2 | fc ~c2 acfc | fd ~d2 ~d2 ^cd | ~d2 ^cd cdcd |
[1 f3 d ~d2 fd | ~d2 fd gdad | gc ~c2 dcdc | ~c2 dc dcdc :|
[2 f3 d ~d2 fd | ~d2 fd adgd | fe ~e2 ed ~d2 | ec ~c2 B z B"D.S."G |]
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Seven comments

"Missing Time", by Richard Wong. This is a transcription of the first time through in (the amazing) Wullie Scott’s May 2008 recording - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ex8riLq28TI

An accordion piece, and bits of it are a beast on fiddle (my instrument). Only been playing it a few minutes now… I’ll add a fingerboard-friendly setting if I come up with one

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wow that’s horrid.

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I remember requesting this, and then thinking "no one will attempt to transcribe that". I was obviously wrong!

Oh come now M Lh, it isn’t that bad (except for that last measure of A2;) is it? I mean, apparently protz thinks we’re a bunch of wimps. Personally I think Richard (or Wullie? I haven’t heard the authorized setting) did a brilliant job releasing the melody from the confines of the time signature

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This tune is still as awesome as ever, even if Will wasn’t a fan!