Annam Cara jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Annam Cara
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
ABd ef2 | ~a2b f3 | fed ABd | edc B2A |
ABd ef2 | ~a2b f3 | fed ABd | edc B2A :|
|: BFA B2e | dAE ~F3 | BFA B2e | def ~f3 |
BFA B2e | dAE ~F3 | BE/F/A Bdf | eaf edB :|
|: d3 e2d | BdB B2E | ~F3 Adf | ede B2A |
d3 e2d | BdA B2A | ~F3 Adf |1 dec B2A :|2 dec Bba ||
|: f2a- afe | ~e2d B2F | BFA de/d/B | def afb- |
baf a2f | ede B2A | Bdf edA |1 BFA Bba :|2 BFA B3 ||

Three comments

Slow Tune in 6/8

From Michael McGoldrick’s recording Aurora. A lovely slow tune. Not really a jig but definitely in 6/8. The first three parts are just a build up to the fourth, which makes the tune worth playing.

To play along with the recording you’ll need a low F whistle. The notes come out in D minor, though he’s using B minor fingers.

Great tune. 🙂

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interesting melody, so far I agree it gets played slowly, almost a lament! Very deep tune anyway. It’s a perfect fit on guitar in CGDGAD capoed 2nd fret.