One recording of
The Men Of The West
Woodland Flowers

The Men Of The West (waltz) is also known as Eoġan Cóir, Eoghan Cóir, Fir An Iarthair, Muintir An Iarthair, Rosin The Beau, Rosin The Bow.

Woodland Flowers (barndance) is also known as Miss Kenny’s, Mrs Kenny’s, Mrs Kenny’s Barn Dance, Mrs. Kenney, Mrs. Kenny, Mrs. Kenny’s, Mrs. Kenny’s Barn Dance, Shit Cart Polka, The Shit Cart Polka, The Smoochi Hornpipe, The Woodland Flowers Schottische, The Woodland Flowers.

Irish Dance Party by Michael Coleman And The McNulty Family

  1. The Men Of The West
  2. Mrs. Kenny