Firefly jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Firefly
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
dBd cAc|dBd e>dc|dBd c>BA|B2A B3|
dBd edc|dBd c>BA|dBd cBA|B2A B>cd/e/||
z//fff afd|e/f/ed c>de|f>ed BBA|FcB A3|
f2f afa|bba f>ed|Bf/e/d cBA|B(FG A)>Bc||
dBd cAc|dBd e>dc|dAd cBA|B2A B>cd/e/||
z//fff a>fd|e/f/ed c>de|f>ed B/c/BA|FcB A3|
f2f afa|bba f>ed|Bf/e/d c>BA|B(F,/B,/D/FB2 d//)||

Five comments

I couldn’t resist putting hints of the ‘left hand’ accompaniement in this transcription (indicated by the slurs). But it is only the plain tip of the iceberg, ie; of her simple but exquisitely crafted counterpoint.

There’s like an echo of ‘Scarborough Fair’ in the closing bars.

I must apologise to those who rely solely on the audio link to learn a tune: I realise only now that thesession’s soundfiles’ tempo is way too fast for this tune. I usually go to: to ‘proof’ my submissions and it has a slower tempo for jigs. Which was still a bit fast for this tune…
I suggest you play it slow, more like a waltz, to bring out its full flavour.