Till Jamie Comes Hame waltz

Also known as There’ll Never Be Peace Till Jamie Comes Hame.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Till Jamie Comes Hame
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin

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What’s its name?

Here’s yet another melody for which I have no name. I learned it from a couple (Phil and Birgit 🙂 many years ago. What I’ve written out is probably rhythmically bland - I believe it should be more dotted, but my efforts in abc came out too heavy handed.

I recognised your tune immediately from your abc, though I’m afraid that I can’t tell you the name of it.

My recollection is that it Irish in origin, and that it has lyrics.

If this is the case, it’s really a song, rather than a standalone tune.

Might be worth running it past any trad singers of your aquaintance.

Check up on your writing of abc

Again we have a 3/4 melody (presumably) written out as a jig (6/8)
abc is a superb method of writing music and we all are responsible for using it correctly. Yes! many of us have the musical expeience to intuitively work out how a tune should be played but it does not work all of the time. I consider myself to be a fairly new-comer to the session and would never submit a tune unless I had double checked it.

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The following is what I started with. I pasted in the notes, and removed the the P:’s. I failed to notice that the site transmogrified my notes. I will attempt to remedy this.

X: 1
T: Phil and Birgit’s Waltz
R: Waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/4
K: Em
P: A
| E/F/|GFE |DB,A,|B,ED |E2E/F/|GAB|dBA |GAB |A2E/F/|
|GAB |dBA |GAB |D2B/A/|GFE|DB,A,|B,ED|E2 |
P: B
| E/F/|GB,B,|DB,B,|GB,B,|D2E/F/|GFE|DB,A,|B,ED|E2E/F/|
|GB,B,|DB,B,|GB,B,|D2B/A/|GFE|DB,A,|B,ED|E2 |


I pasted it again and this time it kept all the bars, but its still using L:1/8. This looks like a job for… VI!


Hopefully my VI regex is less objectionable. It does seems to have done the job.

Hi Zoro!

Try it out with spaces e.g.
M: 3/4
L: 1/4
E/F/ || G F E | D B, A, | B, E D | etc.

Don’t know what you use to check it out with but put it into


hopefully you will get the result you need.

Put || at the start of the phrase and at the end also.


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I’d say this is a song tune, can’t bring the lyrics to mind off-hand, but I’m thinking it’s an English Folk Song

2nd part is very like “The Geese In The Bog”.

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The first part is “There’ll Never Be Peace Till Jamie Comes Hame”.
A Burns number. Second part is probably just a filler.