Christina’s jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Christina's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
|: d2A B2A | FED A2d | c2d B2d | cBA B2G |
A2d c2d | BAB d2e | fed cBc | dcA d3 :|
|: a^fc g^fg | ^fed c2A | c2d A2d | cBA B2G |
FGA cBA | BAG c2d | fed cBc | dcA d3 :|
|: ADF DFA | BGA F2D | c2d B2d | cBA B2G |
FAc AcE | FAc DAg | fed cBc | dcA d3 :|
|: d'ad' d'a d' | ef2 e2d | c2d B2d | cBA B2G |
Adf Afg | Aga Aea | fed cBc | dcA d3 :|

Three comments

Composer’s notes

Hi, my first upload to thesession. A tune I wrote for my girlfriend a few months back, before we got together. A slight butchering of Ddorian, but I really like the tritones in the B part. Hope you enjoy it.

Best wishes,

Jake, just to politely let you know, regarding posting your own tunes, - from the FAQ -

"Can I submit my own compositions?
Well… The Session isn’t really intended for that. If you do post one of your own compositions, then you must do your "penance", so to speak, by balancing each original composition with about five trad tunes."

Many members, including myself, don’t mind at all but many don’t like self submissions at all.

Sheet music error

the first bar of the fourth section should read d’ad’ d’a’d as in the abc.