2D Or Not 2D mazurka

Also known as 2d, 2d, 2d.

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One setting

X: 1
T: 2D Or Not 2D
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:d>e|f2 f>d A>F|G2 B2 d2|A>c e>A c>e|d>c d>e f>=f|
f2 f>d A>F|G2 B>G d>G|c>A e>A c>e|d2 D>A:|
^G>A|F>D A>D B>D|G>B D>G B>d|c>A e>A f>A|d>f A>d (3GFE|
D>F A>D (3=cBA|G>D B>D d>D|c>A e>g (3ABc|d2 D>A ^G>A|
F2 A>D B>D|G2 D>G B>d|c2 e>A f>A|d2 A>d (3gfe|
d>f A>d (3=cBA|G>d (3Bcd G2|c>A e>g (3ABc|d2 D2||

Five comments

“2D or not 2D”

This little ‘exercise’ was my getting back in contact with an old and long absent friend and coming to terms with the curiosities of this particular squeeze… I hope it’s evident in the this that there was more smiling and laughter than frustration… Some folks will no doubt find irritation in the chromaticisms ~ hmmm, I won’t write what just popped into my head… 😛 This little mazurka is as quirky as the source, on all counts… 😉

The quote is more about Shakespeare than dimensions, but you’ll know I like twists, even if they are all on the level if confined to 2D…

‘quote’, I meant ‘title’, of course… 😏

I like the twists

I came looking for a particular mauzurka in D that Frankie Kennedy and Mairead O’D played on their first recording but instead stumbled upon this little “exercise” gem. I like a tune that has some degree of the unexpected without compromising flow and this mazurka has it… a joy to play! I played it on fiddle, and if my button box were a three row and had the g# I would play it on there.

Lovely to stumble across your comment Lowsong, thanks for the smile, something always appreciated. 🙂